Next Plateau Debut 

New tune!! Actually, this is the first of a number of new tunes to come! I have admired Bruce Hornsby for a long time, but not just for his jaw-dropping piano chops. His song writing has moved me in many ways and I never get tired of listening to his music. Several years ago, I got the idea to write an “inspired by” tribute of sorts. This is the culmination of that work. I am very fortunate to be surrounded by a wonderful group of players who are near and dear to my heart and whom you will hear on this track. These guys helped to make this track happen and I owe them many thanks because it would not have come together otherwise. I hope you enjoy this song.
To Mr. Hornsby, if you ever happen upon this song, I truly hope you enjoy it. Thank you so much for the inspiration and the music!

Long time coming!  

Greetings all! 

The time has finally come to announce that some new material is in the works for June 2016. I've been in the studio and out in the middle of nowhere doing some filming with cinematographer, Anu Gunn, and we have some fun stuff cooked up that I am absolutely stoked to show you. I'm super excited and I really hope you guys enjoy it! Stay posted for details!



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