Footage from the Petaluma show! 

Hey folks, the show at The Phoenix Theater on April 19th was a great success. I had a lot of fun with it and the people were just awesome! Here is the first of a few clips from the show! Enjoy!


PS - If you dig the song, you can purchase it right HERE!

Rocking for Music Education! 

I'm excited to announce that I will be performing at The Phoenix in Petaluma, CA on April 19th helping to raise money for local and global music education! Also performing that night will be The Honey Toads and Outside Ordinance. Tickets are $8, but as a special bonus, you can bring an instrument and get in for free! Tickets are available for purchase HERE. I'm super excited to join these guys on stage and rock out to help out! Hope to see you there!


News!!! Podcast

Aloha! This is Aaron here and whether you're here from Facebook or just stopping by from somewhere else on the inter webs, you are in for a treat. I have had the extreme fortune of working with some absolutely amazing players in the past and the powers that be have seen fit to grace me with some incredible individuals yet again! While I can't say what exactly we are working on just yet, I can say that it is almost complete! I am very excited about this project and without further ado . . . let me intro the band:

-Jennifer Batten on guitar (Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck) If you haven't already heard her work on The Melting Pot, it is attached to this post. She is a killer player!
-J.K. Kleutgens on bass (Cirque du Soleil)
-Troy Griffin on drums

All of these guys are just absolutely incredible and I am honored to be able to work with each of them! Check back often for updates on this new project! Until then . . . 



Happy Holidays! 

Well it is that time of year again, folks! During my holiday festivus and relaxation, I like to recap on this past years events. Lots of cool things happened such as the release of The Melting Pot with Jennifer Batten, and Outlands by Blaze Conspiracy. Working with Jennifer is always a pleasure to work with and a killer friend. I also had a blast putting together Outlands with fellow musicians, Joey Concepcion, Anu Gunn (Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp Season 1), Scott Dalhover (Dangerous Toys), Sam Bam Koltun, Barry Dunaway (Ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, Pat Travers), Chad Clark, Peter Hodgson (, Ben Christopher, and Dylan Doherty. Really happy to have worked with you guys! 

In addition, whilst doing these reflective sessions, it is of the upmost importance to possess the proper beverage. 

There is entirely too much that happened this year to contain within one post but it was all awesome and I am so humbled by the continued support that you all offer up! Thank you! 

There are lots of new things coming with this new year! Get ready and stay posted! 



Christmas Album update 

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the Christmas album will not be released this year. We had to make some tough decisions but we are looking at releasing it for next Christmas. Stay posted for other news coming soon! 



October Update!  

Aloha! I’ve been quiet for a bit and with good reason! Things have been spinning up quickly out here in the islands and the studio is in full swing . . . 
I am currently tidying up a collaboration with St. Louis based jazz guitarist, Matthew Von Doran entitled ‘Wishing Well.’ This particular tune takes a bit of a different direction and I’m really excited to let you all hear it! My rhythm section for this tune is made up of Darryl McEachin on piano (US Air Force Band), Philip Bynoe on bass (Steve Vai Band), and Troy Griffin on drums (Dukes of Surf, US Air Force Band). These guys are all killer and I’m so humbled to be able to work with them.
Whilst doing some tidying, I’m also kicking off another collaboration with my guitar buddy, Jennifer Batten (ex-guitarist for Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck)! I will release a few more details later on but we are working on something a tad different than our last project together (The Melting Pot) and I think you guys will really dig it! I’m still putting together the group for this recording but I do know for sure that Troy Griffin is returning for it. So awesome to have him on board!
Last but not least, December is quickly approaching and if one wishes to do a Christmas album . . . then you have to face the dire facts that Xmas will be ringing in your ears much earlier than normal. Not all Christmas music has to be annoying and in fact, a good friend of mine, Eric Barfield, contacted me recently about the prospect of collaborating for a Christmas record. Since I haven’t ever really put out any Christmas tunes, and because I love working with Eric, I figured it would be a lot of fun and to go forward with the idea. So at the moment, I am up to my eyeballs in Christmas arrangements and balancing that with all of the projects already mentioned. Loco! More info to come on this album . . . might even release a teaser at some point.
Well, that should do it! I can’t wait to put out some new stuff for all of you! Thank you so much for your continued support!

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  • BRGMusicofPerry

    BRGMusicofPerry Perry Iowa

    Only six more days! Can't wait to hear you at your Clinic here in Iowa on the 30th! Blaze Guitars Rule!
    Only six more days!

    Can't wait to hear you at your Clinic here in Iowa on the 30th! Blaze Guitars Rule!
  • Mark Claytor

    Mark Claytor Kansas

    Happy for ya! All the best.
    Happy for ya! All the best.
  • longhairedshorty


    Yay! The first! :D Congrats on the new website!!!
    Yay! The first! biggrin Congrats on the new website!!!